How to Write Posts that Go Viral in Social Media

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It feels like there's no real reason why some posts go viral while others don't. Why is that post so popular? Why did it strike a chord with the public?

The secret is that there really is a formula to writing the perfect post. If you know it, then you can laser target your writing to the people most likely to share it.

How to Write Posts that Go Viral in Social Media

Here's how you create shareable posts, every time.

Be Positive

The first rule you should know in post writing is that positive posts always get more shares than negative ones. You'd think that you're always being positive in what you write but look again.

Anything that focuses on something that's wrong in a reader's life, or things that irritate or upset them, can put them off. Instead, look to write posts that focus on the good things that are happening, and use them to spread the word of your work.

Think Emotionally

As well as being positive, you need to focus on appealing to your reader's emotions. They're much more likely to share a post that makes them feel happy, uplifted, or joyful.

Why is this? It's because social media is all about projecting an image of yourself and your life to others.

As a user, you want others to see what's good in your life, and what makes you happy. If they see an uplifting post, they're much more likely to share it around.

Post at the Right Time

Wonder why some of your posts get more shares than others? It can all depend on when you posted it.

Look into the analytics of your account, and you'll see when your fans are the most active. If you post when they're online, they're more likely to share it as they'll see it 'live'.

Write Quality Copy

A good post needs as much care put into it as any other kind of content you write. Writer Steven Lowell from Assignment help says 'Readers will trust posts that are well thought out and written.

A badly written post can make them feel as though you're not being professional in what you do.' That means the rules of good writing apply here, too.

  • Make sure you're citing sources properly: The last thing you want is accusations that you're stealing another person's work. Use a tool such as Cite It In if you need help.
  • Proofread your copy: Yes, on social media too. It's important that your copy has no errors as it can make you look sloppy if you leave them in. If you need help proofreading, seek help from online services such as UK Top Writers and Best Australian Writers .
  • Take your time: Don't just dash off a post and publish it. Take your time. Think about what you have to say.
  • Keep posting often: If you can't keep on top of your account, then seek help from a quality writing service such as Paper Fellows .

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Give Useful Information

Don't take up the reader's time just for the sake of it. Actually, give them something that they can use.

For example, if you're looking to sell a home cleaning service, you'll be focusing on ways to help people keep their homes clean. Create a post called 'The best way to save time on housework', and then describe how your service can help customers create more free time to spend with loved ones by hiring you.

If you can do this, you'll get a lot more interest and shares than just a random repost of other content.

Use an Eye Catching Image

Social media users will be scrolling through their feeds quickly, never stopping on one post. Your job is to get them to stop and actually read what you have to say.

A good way of doing this is to use a good, striking image. Use an image that you've created yourself, or buy good images from stock image sites. Whatever you use, it's got to reflect the content of your post itself.

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Use a Video

Instead of photos, many sites are now using videos to catch the user's attention. On most social media sites, videos are designed to autoplay right there in the viewer's feed. This can be a good way of catching them as they'll stop to find out what happens.

Of course, that means that you'll need to use video that's engaging, and relevant to what you have to say.

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Be Original

Above all else, be original. No one will want to follow you if all you do is post rehashed ideas from other, more popular accounts. Give your followers a reason to hang around.

So there you have it. It's much easier than you'd think to go viral online. It just takes a little work and perseverance.

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