6 Ways to Generate Qualified Leads from Twitter

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Twitter is not just a social networking phenomenon. It is a movement lead by ordinary citizens. It has one of the most active and engaged audience bases. High level of engagement on the platform is particularly useful for businesses, celebrities, and public figures.

While celebrities and public figures have exploited Twitter to establish themselves in the public domain, many companies are still struggling to move beyond Like, Followers and Retweets. While these engagement indicators are critical to monitor, the ultimate aim should be to generate more website traffic and ultimately more leads.

6 Ways to Generate Qualified Leads from Twitter

If your business is on Twitter, you should seriously consider following strategies to generate more qualified leads:

1. Host Contest

Twitter Contest is a powerful tool to promote your brand and connect with the right audience. A contest in which the interested members need to enter a valid email id to participate will be more appropriate to generate leads.

You can use tools like Wishpond, Woobox, etc. to host this type of contest which is also known as Email Gate contests.

You can declare a winner based on several factors such as their engagement level, tweet popularity, luck draw, etc. Many small and big companies have used the Twitter contest to amplify their reach and increase sign up on the website.

The contests must be designed to attract a particular audience. A relevant and creative hashtag increases the reach of the contest and also attracts eyeballs.

Your product may be boring, but the marketing should always be creative and exciting.

2. Connect with Influencers

Influencers enjoy a special connect with their audience on Twitter. Since they are also the opinion leaders of the community, their tweets and suggestions are taken seriously by their social media fans or followers.

If you are trying to generate leads on Twitter, it makes perfect sense to make use of immense reach of influencers in your area.

Identify the influencers in your field and reach out to them with an offer they can't refuse. Run a campaign and irrespective of its results, maintain a healthy relationship with them in the future.

Influencer marketing is significantly cheaper than paid advertising and generates much better ROI than other forms of advertising.

3. Use Twitter Ads and Lead Generation Cards

Twitter Ads is the powerful marketing tool to generate website traffic or capture leads directly from the social network.

With Twitter ads, you can generate leads even if you don't have a website and a fantastic landing page. You can do this using Lead generation card provided by Twitter while running ads. Interested members can provide their contact details with just one click without leaving their Twitter timeline.

Twitter Ads offers several targeting options. You can also generate similar audience based on your list of customers. Overall, the ads are designed to deliver performance and nothing less. Use paid advertising on Twitter before it becomes a common place.

4. Monitor your Competitors' Accounts

Monitoring your competitors' account helps in many ways. When your competitors' followers are registering complaints, you can reach out to them with a better alternative. You can showcase the quality of your products and may convince them to switch. You can learn audience insights of your competitors.

By monitoring your competitors' accounts, you will also get an idea of which type of contents do well in your industry. Thus, it will be easier for you to create and share content that converts.

5. Monitor Keywords

Identify keywords or phrases your prospects may use while researching your product or services. Also, include the keywords which users may use while asking for suggestions.

Research the keywords or phrases on Twitter to find out people who are tweeting about it. Many tools like Warble can help you in monitoring the keywords. The tools monitor the keywords and notify you via mail about the users.

You can create a list of users who tweets about your products or services and then engage with them later through targeted ads or by liking, retweeting or reply to their tweets.

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6. Join Twitter Ad Exchange Programs

Several ad exchange programs directly connect advertisers with a pool of users. The advertisers can connect with users who have a large following on the Twitter. Depending on the platform, the advertisers pay users for a pre-decided action.

For example, advertisers can access users' account for a particular time and use it to send tweets. Businesses use this format to trend a topic or their contest on the Twitter.

Similarly, the advertisers can also pay users for click, like or Retweet, depending on the campaign and the platform.

It is kind of crowdsourcing in advertising which works well on Twitter to reach a particular audience and amplify reach.

Bottom line

It is an open secret that companies need to be creative to win customers on social media. If you can adopt these strategies creatively, you will see a surge in traffic.

You can channelize the traffic and use an appropriate technique to convert more traffic into qualified leads.

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