How to Make Money Online from Blogging in 2017?

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Blogging is all about expressing your thoughts to the world. It's informative and fun and can earn you a lot of money.

To this day, fewer people know just how popular blogs have become. It took blogs a long time to make their space in the market. But, you may have noticed that almost every popular website has a dedicated blog section these days.

Ever wonder why blogs have become so popular? It's all about interest, as blogs are an easy way to present useful knowledge to your readers.

How to Make Money Online from Blogging in 2017

Blogging for money is a relatively new niche in the market, but it is becoming increasingly popular will continue to do so for a while. Keep in mind that blogging for money may sound easy, but the reality tells a different story.

Writing blogs for money is by no means difficult, but you need to follow some steps to make it work. Here is more on how can you make good money by writing blogs:

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Getting Started:

As a blogger, the first thing you need to do is to set up the blog.

Now, before writing the blog, there are a few things you need to know. For instance, the blog has some technical aspects that you must have a command over.

To make it simple, you must choose a blogging platform. There are many of them available like WordPress, Medium, and Blogger, etc. Choose yours by looking into the functionality that they provide so that you could write blogs and use tools to edit and update it when needed.

Keep in mind that choosing a blogging platform is pivotal for a number of reasons. Your blogging platform must be user-friendly and available all over the world. If not, your blog may or may not be visible in several regions, or users may not be able to make comments. All in all, the ideal way is to choose the best blogging platform for writing your blog.

Secondly, the blogging platform is also important because it offers many different tools free of cost. As a blogger, you can use different images, themes, editing and proofreading among other instruments without spending a penny.

Once you are done with the platform, it is time to purchase a domain (and hosting for self-hosted blog) for your blog. But, before buying a domain, choose a name for your domain or come up with a unique one.

The better way is to it that sounds similar to the niche of your blog. This will create harmony between your site and blogs. Readers find such similarities quite pleasant.

You can buy a quality domain from any of the domains sellers at an affordable price. After securing an area, it's time to design the blog.

For Quick Domain Lookup, Try the Following:

Start Writing

It is true that no blog can be termed as a blog if it lacks content. Here, content means a piece of writing that passes through all requirements of blog writing.

In other words, your blog has to be unique, creative, innovative, and one of a kind. As a blogger, you should know how to play with words and yet maintain uniqueness in your blog.

This will serve you in two ways:

  • It will help you convert available information in a unique way
  • It will save you a lot of time and effort while writing a blog post

In some cases, you stumble while writing your blog for some reasons like lack of information, complex information that you cannot grasp, or information that is abundantly available.

In either case, developing your blog can become difficult. Sometimes, it can consume more time to write a blog post that what you had anticipated.

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How to Make Money Online by Blogging?

Once your website begins getting more traffic, more advertisers and businesses will start noticing. Your blog will get ads from different companies, and you'll get money for each advert.

Business promotion is another way to earn real money. Some brick and mortar businesses also use this method by using blogs to grow their profiles and readers to business.

Here is a list of ways you can use your blog to make money online:

  • Advertising - You can use blogs to earn advertising money online. Common ways to make Ad money are sponsored posts, job boards, advertising newsletter, site wide sponsorships, ambassadorships, video and podcast advertising, RSS and text link advertising, and giveaways through competitions.
  • Events - Use your blog to earn money by conducting meetups, conferences, live events, and workshops.
  • Products - Use your blogs to sell your products like apps, e-books, reports, software, and courses, etc.
  • Services - Your blog is the gateway to earning money through many ways. One of them is the services you provide like copywriting, designs, training, coaching, freelancing and consulting.
  • Affiliate marketing - Affiliate income is another way to make money through blogging. Here, you link your blog to a product to sell it in the market. With each piece sold, you get a fixed percentage as commission. Examples include e-commerce sites, private affiliate programs, and affiliate networks among others.
  • Income streams - Earn real money by selling your blogs or provide syndication with another site or service.

Write for the Right Audience

That's a million dollar tip that even some experienced bloggers tend to overlook. Unless you realize who you are writing for, you cannot write a quality blog.

For instance, your blog has kid stories, and you end up adding technical points into the content, it will become redundant, to begin with. No one will visit the blog and bother reading it. As a result, your hard work will not pay off.

To avoid such a situation, make sure that you know and understand your targeted audience.

Look For Readers

When you are done with the blog, post it on the website and start finding your readers.

Create a blogging strategy and list them down in ascending order. The list will start with your best blog on top followed by less popular and so on.

Here your blogging platform will help you a great deal by telling you the number of visitors on each blog. Adding a comment section at the end of each blog also helps marketing it.

Also, promote your readers to read and share the blog so that it gets more reads and exposure.

Promote Your Blogs

You may have a social circle, both on and outside the internet. Make sure you ask your friends, relatives and family members to share the blog as their posts.

Promote the blog in every way possible and spread the word about anything. Readers will keep soaring, and more visits will likely come as a result.

Using social media for the purpose can be a great tool for marketing and promoting the blog. Use social media vigorously to improve the content.

In short, you can earn money through writing blogs in many ways. The key is to make a blog that is entertaining, informative and hit where it matters.

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