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  • Top 10 Mobile App Marketing Resources

    Top 10 Mobile App Marketing Resources and Strategies to Boost Sales

    Ajit JainComments

    The world of mobile apps is in a continuous growth. What you may expect today, may give you some wild profits in the coming time. On that note, having a strategy for mobile app marketing is pivotal considering the humongous opportunities it has to offer. […]

  • Design Guidelines to Deliver Mobile Apps With Rich UX

    Design Guidelines to Deliver Mobile Apps With Rich UX

    Sohel AtherComments

    As we all know that a good and attractive UX design can make a huge difference that will bring more downloads of the application as you have expected in the mind. However, the ever-changing world of technology and the niche of Mobile User Experience respectively, making the effective mobile design harder day-by-day. […]

  • How to Make Your App Unique with the Right UX Design

    How to Make Your App Unique with the Right UX Design

    Shishir DubeyComments

    You might have a unique app idea, but that is not good enough to ensure that your users will keep it on their devices for a long period of time. If they do not have a simple and seamless experience, while using your app for the first couple of times, they are highly unlikely to use it again. […]

  • 10 Best Tools For Rapid Application Development - App Development Tools

    10 No-Code & Low-Code Tools For Rapid Application Development

    Kaushal ShahComments

    There's no end to debates and discussions when it comes to choosing a tool for faster application development. Enterprises have a ton of options including native application tools, the power of HTML5 / JavaScript / CSS3 technologies, and hybrid development platforms […]

  • Role and Support Of Mobile Apps on E Commerce

    Role and Support of Mobile Apps in eCommerce

    Karen RobinsonComments

    Modern developed technology has made it possible to do anything through online. There has been a recent flourish in eCommerce websites in all places. eCommerce is doing business or facilitation of trading in products or services by making use of computer networks including the Internet and online social networks. […]

  • The Quick Guide to Google Accelerated Mobile Pages

    The Quick Guide to Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

    Alex TrinidadComments

    According to a recent study online , out of the 80% smartphone users, 48% of these consumers start their search with a search engine. And when we say search engine, we know that majority will reply in unison: Google. […]

  • Essential Tips to Help You Succeed with Mobile SEO

    Essential Tips to Help You Succeed with Mobile SEO

    Selina JenkinsComments

    More and more people are using mobile devices to access the Internet. As a result, online marketers are now focused on mobile marketing. The same goes for advertisers who are creating rich media, video, banner ads and other mobile friendly advertising formats. […]

  • 8 Major Challenges of Mobile App Testing

    8 Major Challenges of Mobile App Testing

    Alvina GuptaComments

    Mobile apps have been a game changer for various industries who aim to automate their business processes and improve work efficiency. Be it enterprise applications or consumer applications, mobile apps open up numerous gateways for increasing revenues, boost reach-ability and reduce costing. […]

  • What is Responsive Design and Why Do You Need It?

    What is Responsive Design and Why Do You Need It?

    Susanne LoxtonComments

    One of the new buzz-words that you may keep hearing when discussing web design is "responsive design." You probably nod and agree, meanwhile you're wondering what on earth it means. […]

  • default image

    Match Pace With Mobility, Use CSS To Create Responsive Images

    Ella CooperComments

    With the advent of smartphone technology every we programmer and business owner is after mobile app development. With a plenitude of handheld devices around it becomes extremely crucial for the developers to render a flawless user experience irrespective of the device. […]

  • default image

    6 Ways Defining How To Optimize Your Emails for Mobile Viewing

    Andrew HudsonComments

    Marked as one of the earlier mediums of communication, emails are still in the vogue. It is true that the approach of developing these mails has changed a bit to focus more on optimizing the email for mobile viewing. […]

  • default image

    5 Smart Ways to Sell with Mobile Marketing

    Sophorn ChhayComments

    Sometimes this planet can seem like a very vast place, but a new study shows that we might not be as far apart as you might think: 50 percent of the global population is now in possession of a mobile phone, putting you - and your business - a lot closer to a new sale than possibly ever before. […]

  • How Digital/Mobile Wallet Apps Became New Mode Of Payment

    How Digital/Mobile Wallet Apps Became New Mode Of Payment

    Ashni SharmaComments

    The e-commerce industry has the changed the way people shop for their favourite stuff. Whether it is apparel or grocery, every item can be purchased online and delivered at the doorstep. Earlier the only way to make payments on the e-commerce website was through the credit or debit card. […]

  • checklist to test newely developed mobile apps

    Checklist for Testing Your Newly Developed Mobile App

    Sani Abdul JabarComments

    It costs quite a bit to test a mobile app in terms of time and money. However, it's critical to make sure you know that your users will have a positive experience with your app. This is especially true when it comes to a mobile app primarily because testing must be carried out across all devices […]

  • default image

    10 Do-It-Yourself Platforms To Develop Your Own Mobile App

    Gaurav SharmaComments

    With the ever increasing technological advancements, the need to be technically updated has over-grown. In this era, where mobiles are much more convenient than desktops, the need for an application has taken over the need for a website. […]