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  • Building Easier User Interfaces by Working with Components - Best Practices

    Building Easier User Interfaces by Working with Components - Best Practices

    Paul SimmonsComments

    The user interface is building a mechanism for users to easily interact with a computer application. It incorporates the common behavior of the users to let them understand the meaning and purpose of a design. […]

  • 5 Tips for Web Developers to Increase Online Sales

    5 Working Tips for Web Developers to Increase Online Sales

    Julian HooksComments

    There are plenty of online storefronts available nowadays and, irrespective of the fact that almost all of these storefronts have similar inventories, sales statistics of each of these stores vary significantly. […]

  • 10 Best Tools For Rapid Application Development - App Development Tools

    10 No-Code & Low-Code Tools For Rapid Application Development

    Kaushal ShahComments

    There's no end to debates and discussions when it comes to choosing a tool for faster application development. Enterprises have a ton of options including native application tools, the power of HTML5 / JavaScript / CSS3 technologies, and hybrid development platforms […]

  • 5 Ways To Keep Your Online Data Secure

    5 Foolproof Ways To Keep Your Online Data Secure

    Kate ThoraComments

    Now, more than ever, we need our data to be secure online. As the years go by and technology advances, so does the skill and techniques of hackers. The fact is if a hacker can find their way into government computers and information, the info you store on your trusty Mac is also up for grabs. […]

  • Common Mistakes to Avoid while Developing Magento Stores

    Common Mistakes to Avoid while Developing Magento Stores

    Emily BensonComments

    Magento is the most reliable E-commerce platform with tons of powerful features that helps you to set up a fully-functional web store. Currently, it powers 29.1% of total eCommerce websites available on the Internet. […]

  • The Quick Guide to Google Accelerated Mobile Pages

    The Quick Guide to Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

    Alex TrinidadComments

    According to a recent study online , out of the 80% smartphone users, 48% of these consumers start their search with a search engine. And when we say search engine, we know that majority will reply in unison: Google. […]

  • default image

    10 Superb Web Development Tools for Building Websites

    Catherrine GarciaComments

    As a web developer, it is essential for you to keep yourself updated with the latest web development tools and technologies. There are gobs of factors that need to be considered while creating a website. […]

  • Best WordPress Theme Frameworks

    Best WordPress Theme Frameworks - Speed Up Theme Design Process

    Paul MillerComments

    A framework provides some basic to advance level functionalities to develope or solve particular problems. In WordPress world, some of the themes are being built from scratch while the others are developed using a framework. […]

  • Tips To Optimize a Website for Speed

    Tips for Web Developer: How To Optimize a Website for Speed?

    Maggie SawyerComments

    There are numerous factors that can determine the usability, accessibility, and searchability of a website. The speed is one of the most crucial factors that can make or break the user experience of a website. […]

  • Top Magento Development Myths That You Need To Know

    Top Magento Development Myths that You Need to Know

    Abhyudaya TripathiComments

    Well, every technology brings some pros and cons with itself. No wonder it brings some myths too. When it comes to web related technologies, then I must say that unknowingly the entire human race has become the part of it. In the world of ever-changing technologies, people often discuss the usages and drawbacks on their par […]

  • STARTUPS: Is It the Right Time to Build a Website?

    STARTUPS: Is It the Right Time to Build a Website?

    John StevensComments

    Establishing a new company - your very own company - is an exciting feat everyone wants to achieve. We've seen a good deal of startup companies through the past few years; although some clicked while others didn't, the rise of these new companies has reshaped how people lived in the modern world. […]

  • default image

    Key Factors You Must Check while Developing an eCommerce Website

    Joseph GreenComments

    Ecommerce is not just the wave of the future, but it is the wave of the present. This means that if you have a product and you are not selling it online then you are already behind the bell curve and lagging behind your competition. […]

  • Web Development Trends To Follow in 2016

    Web Development Trends to Follow in 2016

    Vaishnavi AgrawalComments

    Website design and development is often a concern for all types of businesses today. Moving from brick-and-mortar to online portals, each enterprise is going digital for improved customer convenience and satisfaction and gaining increment in ROI. […]

  • 2016 Web Designing Trends

    Top 2016 Web Designing Trends for Developing Advance Level Websites

    Amanda ClineComments

    Well in today's highly advance world of technology, everyone wants to stay abreast of information about any latest software or for any other industry updates that has emerged in the market. And for top renowned organizations […]

  • 10 Ways to Speed Up WordPress

    10 Awesome Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

    James E. HeinComments

    Website visitors demand speed and if they fail to get it, they conveniently move on to the next best website. If your website is one of the slow performers, you will gradually see yourself losing the frequent visitors you once had. […]