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  • How to Write Posts that Go Viral in Social Media

    How to Write Posts that Go Viral in Social Media

    Brenda BergComments

    It feels like there's no real reason why some posts go viral while others don't. Why is that post so popular? Why did it strike a chord with the public? The secret is that there really is a formula to writing the perfect post. If you know it, then you can laser target your writing to the people most likely to shar […]

  • How to Start a Business Blog for Conversions - A Step by Step Guide

    How to Start a Business Blog for Conversions - A Step by Step Guide

    Audrey ThroneComments

    Blogging has become quite a phenomenon these days. Every other business wants to create a blog, because all the giants are doing it. According to Technorati , an estimated 175,000 new blogs and more than 1.6 million blog updates go live on the web every day. […]

  • How to Integrate Live Chat into Magento2

    How to Integrate Live Chat into Magento2

    Fayyaz KhattakComments

    Many eCommerce stores regularly lose potential customers because their visitors have a lot of questions but do not receive answers in real time. If you are the owner of Magento2 based eCommerce store, an excellent way to entertain these lost visitors is to integrate live chat into Magento 2 store. […]

  • How to programmatically generate Excel file using PHP?

    How to Programmatically Generate Excel File Using PHP?


    Are you looking for ways to programmatically generate excel file using PHP? You search may ends here. This article is the answer to your question. I am a web application developer, so I can relate to the emerging need of integrating third party libraries on a project to cover various functionality. […]

  • A Simple Guide to Building A Perfect Ecommerce Business

    A Simple Guide for Building a Perfect eCommerce Business

    Asad AliComments

    A business that stems with an innovative idea and still not matured enough to make high marginal profits is considered to be a startup. Most business and tech graduates have the option to hunt for a stable job or pursue their dreams by pitching an idea […]

  • How to Migrate Your WordPress Site to a New Domain without Losing SEO Value?

    How to Migrate Your WordPress Site to a New Domain without Losing SEO Value?

    Maulik ShahComments

    Moving your website to a new domain is something no one wants to do willingly. After all, you stand a chance to lose the benefit of all the good SEO work you have done for the existing domain and website. […]

  • Connecting WordPress RSS feeds to Social Networks

    Connecting WordPress RSS Feeds to Social Networks

    Shara JonesComments

    It is considered as tremendous advantages for any website that show activities of social media over it. It creates a bond between your users and readers and emphasize that you are an active participant in your niche, this thing makes you a leader. […]

  • How to Customize the WordPress Website's Admin Dashboard

    How to Customize the WordPress Admin Dashboard

    Catherrine GarciaComments

    WordPress is one of the best CMSs in its class. It has plenty of handy functionalities and features that make site administration an easy job. WordPress is a publishing platform with a GUI for creating, editing and managing pages and posts, a comment system […]

  • How to Build a Functional Business Website with WordPress

    How to Build a Functional Business Website with WordPress

    Gayane MarComments

    Although building an efficient website is not the easiest thing to do, that's pretty different with WordPress. As the most widely used CMS, it's beginner-friendly, easy to customize, and offers tons of features and functionality. […]

  • How To Increase Blog Traffic Quality vs. Quantity

    How To Increase Blog Traffic: Choosing Quality Over Quantity for Success

    Naomi BinfordComments

    That is true enough in most cases, especially when it comes to increasing blog traffic. More links, more content, more comments, more subscribers. These are all elements that define success in blogging. […]

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    Secrets of Getting More Traffic on Your WordPress Site

    Maggie SawyerComments

    There are two aspects to blog writing. One is concerned with the writing part, and the other is about getting people to visit your WordPress site. One has to have patience and put in a lot of hard work to get traffic to your WordPress site. […]

  • how to make your own handwritten fonts

    How to Make your Own Handwriting Fonts for FREE

    Paul MillerComments

    Do you love your handwriting? Well, you can now convert your handwriting into a font that you can install on your computer and use in your documents. […]

  • default image

    Top 10 Tips To Secure Your Drupal Website From Hackers

    Clyde RayComments

    Is your business website powered by Drupal open source content management system? If yes, then as an entrepreneur your primary focus must be on how to make it secure. All sorts of the online […]

  • default image

    The 6 Wise Steps To Make Your Travel Blog Successful

    Andrew PatrickComments

    People generally do not consider all that can go into making a blog really attractive and successful. It's true that blogs do present photographs, graphics and content that are more informal but creativity and presentation should never be compromised on any front. Let us first address the common problem areas that make work rather uneasy for bloggers in the […]

  • How to Convert PSD to HTML

    How to Convert Photoshop PSD to XHTML/CSS

    Guest AuthorComments

    It is easy to design a website in Photoshop but converting it to a working HTML/CSS code is a bit difficult task. To help you understand the basics of conversion process, following are the detailed tutorials that can teach you how to convert a PSD file into HTML in a step by step manne […]