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Increasing backlinks helps in improving search engine optimization. This also helps in increased pagerank. The backlinks should be from quality and relevant web sites. There are many ways to increase backlinks to a website.

What are backlinks? Backlinks are incoming links to a website. Number of backlinks is an indication of the popularity or importance of that website. Backlinks are also called inbound links or incoming links. Here are some of the ways that backlinks can be increased.

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Blog Commenting – Blog or article commenting is the most effective and easy way to increase backlinks, but it is overlooked more often than not. This also helps in increasing your pagerank. As these pages that you comment on gain their own pagerank, so will your page that links from these pages. Make sure that you do not spam people by commenting on irrelevant blogs or posting non valuable comments.

Wikipedia – Getting a backlink from wikipedia is a reward in itself. Although the outbound links you get from wikipedia are nofollow, but google gives special attention to outbound links on wikipedia. Receiving outbound links from wikipedia are a pain, and you should have a good history before you insert your own links in the wiki.

Check number of backlinks

Article Writing – Writing original, unique and quality articles gets you in the good books of search engines. Providing useful resources that help readers looking for something specific makes your article stand out from others. You can build high quality backlinks and get your pages indexed fast. Building backlinks brings you organic traffic and who doesn't like getting traffic the organic way? There are many popular article directories like ezinearticles, eHow, articlesbase where you can post your articles for free. All these manually review the articles so these deliver high quality backlink results

Social bookmarking – Many social bookmarking sites have emerged in the last few years and few popular ones help build you backlinks if you bookmark your pages. It helps if you have enough friends in your social bookmarking sites. You can share your pages with them, getting more exposure to your web site as well as good number of backlinks.

Check number of backlinks

Forums Participation - Find forums related to your website's niche and post often so you will get noticed and build up trust so people will click on the link in your profile or signature and possibly link to your site from their own site or in other forums showing where they found valuable information. Most forums now put a rel="nofollow" on all outgoing links so this may not benefit you other than getting some traffic.

Getting quality backlinks is a constant and lengthy process and can take several months to achieve the set goal. But it pays to have quality backlinks from the authority sites in the long run.

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