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WHOIS (who is) is the aptly named Internet function that allows one to query remote WHOIS databases for domain registration information. By performing a simple WHOIS search you can discover when and by whom a domain was registered, contact information, and more.

When you register a domain name you are asked to enter your contact details - these contact details then become the basis of the WHOIS information for your domain name. There are different types of contact that can be added to a domain name WHOIS record, meaning that you can have different contacts for different purposes under your domain name WHOIS information.

In the case of a privately owned domain, the WHOIS database contains the full name, address, telephone number, and email address of the registered owner of the domain. If the domain is owned by a business, the company name, address, email, and telephone number are listed. There are also fields for a domain administrator, technical administrator, and other contacts. The expiration date of the registration period is also listed.

More about each of contact types:

  • registrant contact - these are the contact details for the owner of the domain, and are normally the first to be listed and used by anyone wishing to contact those who are associated with the domain name concerned
  • administration contact - there may be someone different managing a domain name than the actual owner, therefore meaning that the administration contact is the person listed as managing the domain name concerned
  • technical contact - there are technical sides to domain names, therefore meaning that there needs to be someone who knows what they are doing listed in the WHOIS information. The technical contact is normally the person who overlooks the management of a domains DNS records

If you don’t want your own contact information to be shared with the public for one reason or another, then domain protection policies can be purchased from web hosting providers or domain name registrars along with domain names themselves.

In conclusion, WHOIS information is the information provided by domain owners to ensure that they can be contacted about their domain names. Protection is available if you wish for your information to kept secret, but in the large part a majority of users choose to keep their information public so that if the situation arises they are able to prove that they are the legal owner of the domain name concerned.

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