7 Completely Unfair Yet Popular Myths About WordPress

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WordPress, being one of the biggest content management systems in the world, has been the subject of numerous discussions around the web. Lots of people love it, but some hate it, thus it has fallen victim to unfair criticism, often resulting from lack of knowledge or understanding of how the system powering 23% of Internet actually works.

Here we have collected 7 most common myths that got popular over the years.

Popular Myths About WordPress

1. WP Is Just a Blogging Platform

WordPress is available to anyone at any time, so bloggers, attracted by WP's versatility and availability, have eagerly turned to his platform. It is true that WP helps hundreds of blogs succeed, but it has not been developed just for blogs. Many companies, publishers, and organizations, like TED ( http://www.ted.com/ ), and CNN ( http://www.cnn.com/ ) use it for their professional purposes. And it serves well, just take a look!

2. Trusted Companies Shouldn't Use WP Because It's Free

It is a common myth that you can only get quality service, if you pay well. Not in this case. As an open source platform, WP welcomes both individuals and companies. Take a look at impressive list of VIP clients that have trusted WordPress with their online image http://vip.wordpress.com/clients/ . And if someone really wants to pay, they can donate money for WP's professional development, or sign up for VIP service, which, apart from standard features, offers additional 200 plugins, themes and solutions for businesses.

3. WP Is Unsuitable for E-Commerce

Originally, the developers didn't intend for WordPress to support online shopping, but with the spread of e-commerce WP has adjusted their system to modern standards and is now fully equipped to handle the demands of online stores. See how the website of American retail company Izod ( http://izod.com/ ) successfully operates on WordPress.

4. It Is Unprofessional and Promotes Low Quality Content

This accusation against WordPress comes up more often than anyone can imagine. It is being perpetuated that it is the company that should be responsible for every detail on every page. In fact, WP gives absolute freedom to its users and it is actually up to them, not the company, what content is displayed. Considered this, it is rather unfair to put all the blame on the platform.

5. WP Isn't Secure

Security of any website depends mostly on the strength of passwords. If the password is secure enough, there should be no critical instances of security breech. With nearly 50,000 new sites created every day, WordPress is an attractive target to get hacked, but the platform seems to fight back the attacks. In fact, WP didn't have any major security violation for the last 4 years.

6. No One Can Provide Reliable Support in Need

It is true that WP doesn't have help desk or emergency line with specialists ready to take your every call, but with the spread of the platform's popularity numerous forums and buddy-advice services have emerged. You can even sign up to e-mail lists and be sure you will get the answer you are looking for within minutes. This is actually one of the biggest advantages of open source.

7. You Can't Do Anything Unusual

People claim that WordPress limits its users, because the websites are plain, boring, and can't be made responsive. The truth is - with WordPress you can do whatever you wish. To create a dream website one can choose from 312 different teams and many more useful plugins. It is a platform open for both innovators and innovations. Meeting modern demands WP has also developed app available for both iOS and Android, so you can post on the go.

An engaged community is working every day to improve services offered by WordPress. The above myths have just been busted, so if they were holding you back from checking out WP's offer, you can now start exploring.

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