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Guest Blogging - Write for Us

We are NOT Accepting Guest Posts at this time.

We're looking for passionate guest bloggers who can write on topics related to web design and/or graphic design.

Topics we are looking for:

We're currently looking for articles on the following topics (but not limited to):

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Mobile
  • SEO / SEM
  • Social Media / Marketing
  • Tutorials (Photoshop, jQuery, HTML, CSS, AMP, ...)
  • Freebies (Quality Icons, Fonts, Themes, Templates ...)
  • Resources (Tips and Tricks, Plugins, Tools, Code Snippets, ...)
  • WordPress
  • Web Hosting

Rules, Regulations and Submission Guidelines

  • Articles should be original and should not be published elsewhere including your own site.
  • Text rich posts should be at least 800+ words.
  • Minimum image dimensions should be 600px+. Higher the better.
  • Credit your image sources or link back to the original site where you got the images from.
  • If article is featuring tools, plugins or apps etc., prefer to include the download link.
  • All images must be of high resolution.
  • Submit article and images in a single zip file.
  • Submit articles in HTML or Word format (No PDF).
  • At this time, we accept well written English articles only.
  • We DO NOT allow any third party do-follow links in article body at this time, but one link is acceptable in author bio section only.

If for some reason your submission is declined it doen not necessarily reflect a statement on the quality of your work. That may be the result of one of many reasons including the topic may have been already been covered, or is off topic and is not consistent with overall content of the site.

Guest Submissions and Payments

There are two ways to submit a guest post.

Unpaid Submissions

  • A brief author bio including a maximum of 1 anchor text link to your own website.
  • For author picture, gravatar image will be used.

Paid Submissions (Not Accepting at This Time)

  • Articles should be text rich and must cover topics like how-to, tutorials or step by step guide to be considered for paid submissions. (Examples: ex1, ex2, ex3)
  • Articles must be 100% original. They will be checked.
  • You are selling the exclusive rights of your article. You may not republish it elsewhere.
  • We reserve the right to reprint your post.
  • Final approval will be made by our editors.
  • Please make sure you have a PayPal account before submitting and include the associated email address with your submission.
  • You will be paid USD $20 per your published article via PayPal. Please allow 2-3 weeks for payment processing.
  • Please Note: As we are buying the exclusive rights, paid submissions will not include any author information.

Sponsored Posts

If you wish to sponsor an article or blog post, follow these guidelines:

  • The post / niche should be relevant to our readers.
  • A maximum of 3 links are allowed in the article body. Please note that in any condition all the links will remain nofollow, because sponsored posts are allowed to promote specific products or services but not for building backlinks.
  • The post will include a disclosure message like 'This post is sponsored by....' according to the FTC rules.
  • We do not offer review/writing service at this time, so, the post contents will be provided by you. Please contact us for the price of sponsored posts.


We reserve the right to decline publication of any post, article, blog or comment that is deemed inappropriate. We also reserve the right to edit your articles for modifying grammar, spelling, style and to include links to previously published articles.

How to Submit

For Paid Submissions: Please clearly mention in your message that you are submitting for paid guest post. e.g you may include title like 'Paid Guest Post'. Also don't forget to include your PayPal email address.

If you are interested in posting as a guest blogger, use these submission methods.