Web Development Trends to Follow in 2016

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Website design and development is often a concern for all types of businesses today. Moving from brick-and-mortar to online portals, each enterprise is going digital for improved customer convenience and satisfaction and gaining increment in ROI.

Although we see trends changing in fashion, education and in every other industry, design trends in website come and go quite often. To stay ahead in the race, you and your organizations must focus on adopting fresh trends and sometimes, implementing them in the first place (when compared with your competitors). If you are an online service and product provider, your website is the door to each room consumers enter.

Web Development Trends To Follow in 2016

Working on some of the existing trends like responsive web design, performance and speed, improving page traversing, refining customer user experience; it's time to know and embrace novel trends in the New Year before others catch it and fly higher.

A list of few important and competent web development trends for 2016 is compiled below, read through for a great eCommerce year ahead.

Content is the Key:

Lately observed, the content has gained immense attention of audiences worldwide. Use easy-to-comprehend quality words and sentences on the website's About Us, Mission and Vision statements, Blogs, Product descriptions and other relevant sections.

You must be creative in presenting your content through videos, infographics and fun pages as these may help you to get you more shares and likes. Gone are the days when only adhering to your keyword stuffing would keep you up on the search engines.

In context to keywords, leading enterprises have adopted Latent semantic indexing (LSI) technique to diversify their content. LSI helps you establish an association between those terms that occur in similar contexts and actually in writing engaging content, with no repetitive terms. Keep following the Google Search Quality Guidelines to turn your content in such a way that they pull off the information of the relevant stuff they need to know.

More Flat Designs:

The recent change in Google's logo epitomizes that how web development is emphasizing on being simple to convey their messages. Flat designs are in trend and preferred over by an audience of all ages, whether teenagers, adults and elderly people. It is due to the fact that responsive design dominates throughout 2016. A cleaner font size and type is easier to read on small devices.

Material Design across Platforms and Devices:

As Google created a visual language for users that combines the classic principles of good design with innovation and possibility of technology and science in 2014, Material design is a more realistic and interactive design language.

Along with the flat designs of videos, images, logos, infographics present on the website, we expect many more business websites to embody material design across platforms and devices.

Subtle Animations:

Instead of a boring circular loading option, more and more digital businesses are gravitating towards applying rich and subtle animations for various purposes. The heart icon of Instagram for liking a picture or video, becoming red after you like it is a true attention seeker. It certainly attracts the user's eyes and heart.

Your presentation controls and defines a lot about your website design. Try adding interesting animations like swipe-able, synchronization effects, double taps, long press with ease and others to your website for simplifying and prettifying your website.

Users Care more about the Functionality rather than Looks:

Present-day users rely more on straightforwardness, encouraging easy scrolling, traversing through pages and easy clicking. For all those startups that are looking forward to setting up their website, instruct your designers to concentrate and keep the functioning of your site perfect, with low loading time and high performance.

Further, preventing websites from loading tons of useless elements in order to decrease the 50-minute loading time might be a good place to start.

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