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A framework provides some basic to advance level functionalities to develop or solve particular problems. In WordPress world, some of the themes are being built from scratch while the others are developed using a framework.

Typically, the framework contains the core coding part to provide some built-in functionality and basic features. This is used as the starting part to create a new theme and new web design elements; and desired functionalities are added later to create a final product.

Why Choose Theme Framework?

Choosing a framework is good because it allows you to avoid much of the coding work as it is already provided by the framework and you can mainly focus on the layout and UI part.

Another benefit of choosing framework is the flexibility of switching themes without losing access to the core features and functionalities of a website.

Best WordPress Theme Frameworks

Some of the frameworks like Genesis comes with additional tools that have been specifically built for the same framework and you can use those to power your websites.

The popular frameworks provide great support for developers via online discussion portals and communities, and this may be very helpful in case you run into problems while developing your themes.

The following is a list of some of the popular WordPress theme development frameworks. You might be familiar with some of these while the others will likely be new.

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Genesis is one of the most popular framework for WordPress theme development. It empowers you to quickly and easily build incredible websites with custom widgets and built-in search engine optimization features. You can customize your site an easy way and without sacrificing for speed.

It is designed to use with child themes and you can choose from the many offered by StudioPress or design your own.

It is a strong platform from security point and you will get regular updates without worrying about any security loop holes. All updates are run in the background while keeping the look and feel of your site just the way you want it.

Also comes with bundled custom widgets that you can use on any area of your site.

Key Features:

  • Search Engine Optimization ready
  • Responsive HTML5 Designs
  • Unlimited support and updates
  • Airtight Security
  • Instant updates
  • Highly customizable and fast
  • Custom widgets

Genesis framework by StudioPress


Thesis is perfect for your business website or personal blog as you can control every last detail of your site and design. It comes with three revolutionary features named - Boxes, Skins and Site Tools.

It provide the click add-on functionality without the hassle of writing your own code. The skins are useful if you want a beautiful web design that you can customize from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard.

With built-in tools like color scheme picker and golden ratio typography controls, Thesis skins are designed to make your website more effective.

No matter which skin you use, you can control all of your templates and everything on them with the visual template editor.

Key Features:

  • Total WordPress template control (no code required!)
  • Better customizations for specific needs
  • Visual template editor with drag and drop functionality
  • SEO ready
  • Support for adding Google Authorship
  • Support for Markup Schema

Thesis framework

The Divi Builder

The Divi Builder allows you to create beautiful and unique layouts visually, without touching a single line of code. Now creating dynamic websites is no more hassle.

Divi ships with 20+ pre-made layouts that allow you to quickly jumpstart your development. These layouts are completely customizable and can be used as a great starting point for creating your own designs.

Divi is wonderfully responsive no matter how you choose to configure your website. The Divi Builder was made with user experience and there are no limitations as to how builder elements can be customized and arranged to create stunning websites.

Key Features:

  • Drag and drop rows, columns or modules with ease
  • 46 content modules
  • Complete control over the typography, colors, spacing, and other various styles
  • Support for custom CSS
  • Customize everything, with live previews
  • 20+ Pre-Made layouts or create your own
  • Rock solid security
  • 32 languages supported
  • Powerful stats and Insights

Divi framework by Elegant Themes


The Themify Builder is the most powerful and easy to use page designer and builder for WordPress.

It allows you to make beautiful responsive WordPress sites, faster and easier than ever before. You can design almost any layout that you can imagine, bring it to life using the powerful drag & drop interface, and watch it come together right in front of your eyes with live preview.

You will have the full control of your page appearance and can style everything from color, background, font, spacing, border, and even the overall theme color! The drag and drop feature is so powerful that you can design beautiful pages without any coding.

Key Features:

  • 40+ Pre-designed layouts
  • drag & drop modules around quickly and easily
  • Live design preview
  • Easily duplicate / clone existing modules
  • Import/export or copy/paste modules and rows from one page to another
  • 60+ animation effects
  • Full control over page appearance like color, font, spacing border or overall theme color
  • Built-in cache system for faster loading
  • SEO friendly
  • Responsive and translatable

Themify framework


There are many more frameworks available both premium and free but we have listed here that we found more robust, popular and up to date. If you have any comments or suggestion please use the form below.

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