5 Effective Ideas to Increase Revenue From Your Online Store

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The ecommerce industry isn't what it used to be even 5 years ago. Everyone is jumping into the eCommerce bandwagon and all the online store are starting to look the same.

Customers are hard to come by and most of those who do eventually come are mere store hoppers who would waste no time in switching to a competitive store, given a good deal.

5 Ideas to Increase Revenue From Your Online Store

To combat the increasing competition in the eCommerce world, you need to continuously work towards implementing ideas that would get you the next jump in your store revenue.

Here are 5 such ideas you can work on.

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1. Home Page Optimization

How your home page looks like, directly affects your sales. The layout and the design of your e-store is the first and foremost thing you should focus on.

The design should be user friendly with important links provided in an uncomplicated manner. A large number of online stores use pop-ups to inform the visitors about specific offers and products.

Since a significant number of internet users don't like pop-ups now and then, Google; along with other search engines have developed a function to block them.

example of pop-up offersAn example of pop-up offers

If a visitor is using this feature, your pop-ups might not reach them and as a result you lose a potential customer.

To combat this, you can use some attractive hover ads that display offers and special products. You can also display some of the new products that your store might have launched recently.

example of hover adsAn example of hover ads. It appears when you rest/hover your cursor over the ad links

Source: infolinks.com

Mark it in the list to keep on changing the products you choose to display on your home page.

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2. Product Display (Headings, Description, and Pictures)

Products are undoubtedly the most important part a visitor is interested in. Therefore, to convert the visitor into a customer, you need to work on how you present the product to them.

It's not enough that you are providing best products at affordable rates. The display of the products is equally important. Put in nice and clear images of the product, taken from different angles. The buyer should be very satisfied with the product before he decides to buy it.

The measurement of the product should be approximately clear in the image itself. The headings you put in for the products is also significant in driving customers. It should not only state the name of the product but the utility of the product too.

example of product display with dimensionsAn example of product display with dimensions, different views and special offers

In the description, provide a two-line introduction about the merchandise for those who aren't interested in reading long specifications. Along with, provide a detailed summary of the product for the buyer who finally decides on a product and will be interested in the minute details about the product.

This will definitely help in increasing your stores' revenue to a noteworthy level.

3. Customizable Products

The trend of customized products is increasing the online market at present. If you are selling relevant items, allow your customers to customize their products using a good product customization tool .

product customizationAn example of having option for customizing your order

This not only attracts more visitors turning into customers but also increases the customer satisfaction which ultimately leads to more sales.

product customizationAnother example of product customization according to your needs

Product customization increases your revenue by escalating the price of the customized product. When your customer is buying a product which he designed himself, he is happily willing to pay more for it.

The customer actively participating in the process helps your store to make more business. To further improve the feature, keep an eye on the ongoing features being provided by your competitor stores.

Keep on adding some new features. An introductory offer price on customized products can also help your store in promoting the product, and obviously to have a great start!

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4. Upsells and Cross-Sells

Cross Sells and Upsells are a great way to allure customers buy more and better from your online store. How you position these upsells and cross sells products define how you generate more revenue from these.

Leading e-commerce Amazon.com is a fine example for how it shows the products to its customers. Whenever a customer opens a product page and scroll down for more information, they should be invited to look at more products of the same category which are better and more expensive (not always) than that.

The customer is pulled towards having a look at a few of those products to compare, if he finds them more interesting and can stretch their budget a bit; you earn some more bucks.

displaying related productsExample of displaying related products

Similarly, you can offer more products that are related to the product the customer decides to buy.

For example, if someone is buying a smartphone, show him a phone cover for that particular phone, some pretty headphones to go with it, and other accessories that might interest the buyer.

5. Limited Time Offers

There's nothing new about offers and discounts attracting customers. But there is a need to experiment with how you communicate this to the customer.

To allure more customers to shop during offers, you should keep the clock ticking. From time to time, offer discounts that are only available for a limited time.

hurry up dealsDisplaying hurry up deals available for limited time

Showcasing the time left is also important. Instead of counting it in days, use hours to count the offer time.

limited time dealsDisplaying limited time deals with time remaining to grab it

This affects the mentality of the buyer, and encourages him to buy it immediately as he is under the impression that the offer is going to end pretty soon and he might miss it.

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