10 Do-It-Yourself Platforms To Develop Your Own Mobile App

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With the ever increasing technological advancements, the need to be technically updated has over-grown. In this era, where mobiles are much more convenient than desktops, the need for an application has taken over the need for a website. Earlier, people used to focus much on the development of a website, rather than an app, but the case is just opposite now. Till now, iOS apps are more than 1.7 Million in App Store and Android app crossed over 1.8 Million.

For big enterprises, it is easy to create an app and launch in the market, as they have skilled developers who can do this very easily. But for small companies and individuals its not easy as the budget and skills both are the major constraint.

However, it is not a matter of concern now, as there are a lot of companies exist in the market which lets you create your own mobile app in short span of time with an optimum budget.

If you are also looking to develop your smartphone app, but do not have all the resources to get one developed then you have come to right the place. The article contains a list of 10 Do-it-Yourself platforms which enables you to create, manage and customize your own mobile application.

Let's take a look at them, one by one:

1. Appery:

Appery - mobile apps development platform

Appery.io is a cloud development and runtime platform that enables to build cross-platform enterprise mobile apps connected to APIs very fast.

It claims to quickly build cross-platform mobile apps with visual drag-and-drop Appery.io App Builder. The apps are created with open source technologies such as jQuery Mobile, Ionic, Bootstrap, and Apache Cordova. You can easily connect to an external SQL database and other enterprise data sources with Appery.io API Express.

Also, it can send targeted push notifications with Appery.io Push service. This tool can write any server-side logic and create custom APIs with Appery.io server code

App Builder is non-technical and open for everyone platform that constantly updates its platform to meet the market requirements that comes with a free trial of 14 days.

2. Como:

Como - mobile apps development platform

Como is known to be the world's leading mobile app solution, which doesn't require a person to be technically equipped to use it.

Como offers all the attributes and features that you need to connect with your on-the-go customers and keep them coming back and increase your sales.

The tool provides loyalty cards and turn one-time customers into your loyal customers, also it offers in-app coupons to give extra incentive to customers. Como focuses on small and medium sized enterprises.

Como - mobile apps development platform

3. Mobile Roadie:

Mobile Roadie - mobile apps development platform

Mobile Roadie is a self-service mobile app platform to create, customize and manage mobile applications. This tool offers four different platforms for the smartphone app creation and management. These options are iPad, iPhone, Android and the mobile website.

It was the first DIY app creation tool launched in the market in 2009 which allowed people to develop, customize & manage applications in almost one-tenth cost of what it would take to build an app from the scratch. Over a period of time, it became the leader in the DIY apps .

Mobile Roadie - mobile apps development platform

In this tool, mobile apps are created and managed through a CMS which features a dashboard to view app analytics and activity.

It also allows third party developers to implement Mobile Roadie's features in apps without using its CMS.

4. Good Barber:

Good Barber - mobile apps development platform

Good Barber comes with a 30 day free trial and provides you a four step procedure of creating mobile applications. The Good barber team holds two different types of training sessions as well, one to facilitate aid to the newcomers on-board and the other two presents the detailed and advanced features of the platform. The content of training session is free and is available online.

Good Barber also provides customized services to their clients as per their requirements.

5. Appy Pie:

Appy Pie - mobile apps development platform

Appy Pie is also a mobile app creator platform for Android and iOS that facilitates its users to create different types of mobile apps.

The most popular categories of Appy pie include is gaming and e-books. It allows its users to monetize their apps through iTunes and Google Play, send push notifications, and View app stats with Google Analytics. It also enables you to take appointments with the appointment scheduler page.

6. App Machine:

App machine enables companies such as web shops, blogs, healthcare and news etc. to create their own phone apps. App Machine offers three different packages; you can choose the one according to your requirements and skills. The first package is BASIC one which helps you to build powerful, custom web apps with a fee of $19 per app, per month which is billed annually.

The second option is PLUS which enables you to build custom, native and web apps. It comes with a subscription of $49 per app/per month. The last and the most advanced one in the queue is PRO package. You can get this at a cost of $69 per app/per month.

7. Game Salad:

Game Salad - mobile apps development platform

Are you looking to develop your first gaming application? Then what are you waiting for? Game Salad is a tool which allows you to develop and publish games with a wide variety of platforms, including Android, Windows 8, Mac & iOS.

Game Salad provides a graphical user interface for describing the rules and the behavior of game objects, called Actors, without knowledge of programming or scripting languages .

Game Salad - mobile apps development platform

With Game Salad, you can create your first game in almost an hour. To learn how to create an app, you need to create an account. Game Salad offers ample of free as well as fee-based services.

Other features of Game Salad include Multi-platform publishing, real time editing, Expressions and Game preview.

8. ShoutEM:

ShoutEM - mobile apps development platform

ShoutEM claims to save a lot of time as they follow an easy procedure to design the applications.

Four amazing features that ShoutEM possess are:

  • There is no requirement for Coding skills.
  • ShoutEM has a Drag & Drop Interface.
  • It is extremely User Friendly.
  • You can preview it in the native preview app.

ShoutEm - mobile apps development platform

9. BiznessApps:

BiznessApps - mobile apps development platform

BiznessApps comes with a unique risk free 30- day money guarantee. Inc Magazine has ranked BiznessApps as 91 amongst 5000 fastest growing companies.

Designing and Implementing Your Own Artistic Style Is Incredibly Easy With BiznessApps.

To Launch Your App With This Platform, You Do Not Need To Know Any Programming; You Can Simply Publish Your App and Promote It Easily To Gain More Customers.

BiznessApps Come With Two Different Packages One Exclusively for Mobile Websites for $ 29 and the Other for Mobile Websites As Well As Mobile Apps At An Average Cost Of $ 42. the Package Which Suits Your Needs the Best, Can Be Selected.

10. AppMakr:

AppMakr - mobile apps development platform

AppMakr is a DIY platform to develop content based native mobile applications for iPhone, Android as well as HTML5 Mobile websites. This tool is free to use and requires zero coding knowledge.

AppMakr platform has partnered with a few advertising networks, which enables you to monetize your apps.

This platform uses an editor and with its help you can design the look of your application yourself. You can select amongst a variety of icons, splash screens, header and tab icons.

App maker simplifies the procedure of mobile app development and empower you to create your application within 20 minutes and that too just at a cost of $1 a month.

There are a variety of other platforms available apart from these, now you need to take a decision as to which platform seems more apt for your app idea.

You can comment below to discuss any app development platform I missed and you think is good to add, also suggestions are most welcome.

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