70 Beautiful Tattoo Brush Sets for Graphic Designers

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Tattoos have gained a lot of popularity these last years. Even in web designs and graphic designs, the tattoos have found its way. With a tattoo Photoshop brush you can turn a classic looking model into a "devil in disguise" thereby adding a new dimension to an otherwise innocent image. To find the right tattoo brush set can be quite a challenge as there are many different sets and styles to choose from.

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Here are the 70 Beautiful and Amazing Sets of Free Tattoo Brushes that can help in improving the splendor of your website design and maximize your credibility as being a graphic artist. Use these tattoo brushes in your designs to impress your visitors for your creative imagination.

Amazing Sets of Free Photoshop Tattoo Brushes

1. Tattoo Brushes Pt Deux

tattoo brushes pt deux

Set of Photoshop tattoo brushes with great illustrations

2. Tribal Tattoo Set1 by Okami

tribal tattoo set1 by okami

3. Henna Tattoo Brushes

henna tattoo brushes

Made from illustrations in the book "Henna Body Art" by Mark Smith.

4. Tattoos


This Brush set includes 72 brushes.

5. Tribal Photoshop Brushes

tribal photoshop brushes

6. Tribal Brush Set

tribal brush set

Contains 24 brushes all are more than 500 pix big.

7. Stargate Jaffa Tattoo Brushes

stargate jaffa tattoo brushes

A set of brushes for the Jaffa Tattoos from Stargate. Full sizes range from 350 to 600 pixels.

8. Tattoo Brush

tattoo brush

9. Tatoo Foxes

tatoo foxes

Doodle-li-Toodle. Second class tatoo foxes/tribal foxes.

10. Tattoo Borders

tattoo borders

This is a mean set of 16 brushes adapted from tattoo band designs to make borders. There are a couple of snake designs in there as well.

11. Tattoo Brushes

tattoo brushes

Over 150 tattoo brushes for photoshop. Tribals, Old School and much more.

12. Wards and Runes Brush Pack

wards and runes brush pack

13. Flower Tatoo

flower tatoo

Some tatoo brushes with a flowers theme. 9 brushes.

14. Tattoo Brushes Set 3

tattoo brushes set 3

The Border around the Brushes is not included.

15. Tribal Heart Brushes

tribal heart brushes

16. Naruto Photoshop Brushes

naruto photoshop brushes

17. Butterfly Brushes Set1

butterfly brushes set1

18. Tattoo Brush Set

tattoo brush set

28 Tattoo brushes for Photoshop. Size: 42 to 437 pixels.

19. Girl Tattoo Brushes Vol.1

girl tattoo brushes vol.1

20. Tattoo Brush Set

tattoo brush set

21. Tribal Brush Set 4

tribal brush set 4

A big set of 58 brushes.

22. Tribal Brushes

tribal brushes

They do not work in PS 7 or lower - they were made with Photoshop CS*.

23. Tribal Brush Set 5

tribal brush set 5

There are 63 awesome tribal tattoo brushes.

24. Celtic Knot Brushes

celtic knot brushes

They do not work in PS 7 or lower - they were made with Photoshop CS*.

25. Tattoo Brushes Pt Deux 002

tattoo brushes pt deux 002

26. Henna Mehndi Brushes Set 1

henna mehndi brushes set 1

27. Brushes – Tim Burton'S Plants

Brushes – Tim Burton'S Plants

Add some plants in your nightmares 7 brushes of canes, and a tree in Tim Burton's style!

28. Wierd Tattoo

wierd tattoo

29. Sun Brushes

sun brushes

30. Tribal Tattoo Brushes Megapack

tribal tattoo brushes megapack

Tribal Tattoo signs, symbols, animals, silhouettes, faces, skulls, eyes, dragons, flowers and many more, ready to be discovered and used.

31. Tattoo-Brushpack


Just 5 brushes that should work with PS7 and up.

32. Tribal Tattoo Brushes

tribal tattoo brushes

33. Devil'S Trap Brushes

Devil'S Trap Brushes

Devil's Trap Brushes for Photoshop CS/CS3.

34. Celtic Design Brush Set

celtic design brush set

These brushes are by scanning an old book about celtic designs for tatoos.

35. Temp Tattoo Brushes

temp tattoo brushes

36. Dragons and Creatures Brushes

dragons and creatures brushes

Some dragons. Not for commercial use!

37. Tattoo Brushes

tattoo brushes

38. Dkz Dragons

dkz dragons

39. Dragon Tatoo Brushes

dragon tatoo brushes

Some cool dragon tatoo brushes.

40. Pokemon Tattoo Photoshopbrushes

pokemon tattoo photoshopbrushes

41. Tribal Brush Set 3

tribal brush set 3

A Big set of 50 brushes total.

42. Tattoo Brushes

tattoo brushes

43. Tattoo Design Brushes

tattoo design brushes

10 Tattoo Phoroshop Brush in the ABR file + PNG files, large size. This great pack of Tattoo Brushes is free to use.

44. Tribal Tattoo Brushes

tribal tattoo brushes

58 different sized tribal tattoo brushes. Made with Photoshop 7.

45. Tribal Brush Set 2

tribal brush set 2

Another Tribal brush set. This one is big - 50 brushes.

46. Classic Tattoo Drawings

classic tattoo drawings

This set consists 36 medium-resolution free Photoshop brushes featuring different classic tattoo drawings that you can use for free.

47. Tattoos


48. Sailor'S Tatoos Ps Brushes

Sailor'S Tatoos PS Brushes

Just some random tattoo flash.

49. Anbu Tattoo Brush 1.0

anbu tattoo brush 1.0

50. Tribal Brush Megapack

tribal brush megapack

The Tribal Brush Megapack 249 awesome tribal tattoo designs.

51. Tribal Brushes

tribal brushes

52. Tattto Brushes

tattto brushes

A set of 27 brushes for photoshop verson 7 made up of 27 tattoo and tribal brushes of various designs.

53. Lion Tatoos Brushes

lion tatoos brushes

54. Ornament Brushes 1

ornament brushes 1

The photoshop brush package contains 20 ornament / tribal brushes. They are all vector based.

55. Pretty Brushes I

pretty brushes i

56. Henna Tattoo Borders

henna tattoo borders

Made from illustrations in the book "Henna Body Tattoos" by Mark Smith.

57. Devil'S Trap Brushes

Devil'S Trap Brushes

Devil's Trap Brushes for Photoshop CS/CS3.

58. 75 Tribal Flame Brushes

75 tribal flame brushes

New Brush set - Tribal Flame Brushes, 75 pieces!

59. Ornament Brushes 2

ornament brushes 2

This photoshop brush package contains 30 new ornament / tribal brushes. They are all vector based.

60. Photoshop Tatoo Brushes

photoshop tatoo brushes

61. Dragon Tattoo Brush Set

dragon tattoo brush set

Includes 40 brushes.

62. Tattoo Photoshop Brushes

tattoo photoshop brushes

63. Tattoo Desing Brush Set

tattoo desing brush set

In this set of 30 brushes you will find some Tibral Tattoo styles like Skulls, Dragons, Tribals in general and much more.

64. Tattoo Design Brush Set 2.0

tattoo design brush set 2.0

Another photoshop Brushes, with tattoo design!!!! for photoshop 7+ About 30 Brushes.

65. Tattoo Brushes

tattoo brushes

Wacky tattoo to try out

66. Tattoo Letter Brushes

tattoo letter brushes

67. Henna Mehndi Brushes Set 3

henna mehndi brushes set 3

These may not work with older versions of Photoshop that CS*.

68. Freiheit 89 Brush

freiheit 89 brush

69. Brushes Tattoos for Photoshop

brushes tattoos for photoshop

70. 21 Spn Brushes

21 spn brushes

Supernatural brushes.

You are most welcome to suggest any additions to this list. You can use the comments box below to make any suggestions.

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