28 Free Old, Vintage Paper Textures and Backgrounds

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Using paper backgrounds is quite common these days. Free paper textures or textures in general can be a valuable resource for any designer. Paper is a not only used to write but it can be also useful as a texture in doing some web design or graphic projects as well.

So here are 25+ high resolution free paper texture graphics including stained, notebook, vintage, grunge, torn, lined, wrinkled and old paper textures. If you happen to know some good high resolution free paper backgrounds that we've missed, please comment below. Enjoy!

Free High Quality Paper Textures

1. Green Tea Splat

green tea splat texture

2. Texture 3

texture 3 texture

3. Crumpled Papers

crumpled papers texture

4. Grunge Paper 2

grunge paper 2 texture

5. Wallpaper Con Textura Papel Sepia

wallpaper con textura papel sepia texture

6. Grunge Paper 3

grunge paper 3 texture

7. Rice Papers

rice papers texture

8. Share Paper #1

share paper #1 texture

9. Cheap Paper

cheap paper texture

10. Tea Stained

tea stained texture

11. Turkish Envelope

turkish envelope texture

12. Texture 1

texture 1 texture

13. Gave Him No Treasure

gave him no treasure texture

14. Tea Panels

tea panels texture

15. Wallpaper Textura Papel Arrugado

wallpaper textura papel arrugado texture

16. Paper Texture

paper texture texture

17. Papel Arrugado

papel arrugado texture

18. Texture 4

texture 4 texture

19. Some Other Tomorrow

some other tomorrow texture

20. Stock - Old Sketchbook With Lines

stock - old sketchbook with lines texture

21. Parchmentbyelena

parchmentbyelena texture

22. Green Tea

green tea texture

23. Always That Broken

always that broken texture

24. Stock - Paper

stock - paper texture

25. Rough Paper and Colored Paper

rough paper and colored paper texture

26. Paper Grunge Texture

paper grunge texture texture

27. Texture Paper

texture paper texture

28. Cheap Paper 2

cheap paper 2 texture

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