Top 10 Corporate Web Design Trends You Must Know About

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The best thing about trends is that they consistently keeps changing. Same is the case with website designing trends which come and go, making it really challenging for the designers to stay updated with this ever-changing concept.

Top 10 Corporate Web Design Trends You Must Look Out For

And when it is a corporate website, the designers have to stay wary of the fact that changing trends can seriously affect the business. 75% users have admitted that they judge the credibility of a company by looking at the design of their website.

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However, there isn't a need for worry as we have made a list of top ten trends which are currently in the domain of website designing, and trust us it will make your life a lot easier!

#1: Precise Call-To-Action Which Is Personalized, Sticky Or Specific To the Device

One single call to action designed to look like a button and which is always viewable when the user goes through your page could be a great practice for generating leads or enhancing engagement. Placing it on a header or footer, void of other distractions could help in increasing conversions.

It is highly recommended to use just a couple of words and try your best to finish it within five words. You would want to look it attractive and eye-catchy. Making it in contrasting color to the color theme while still fitting the overall layout would work wonders.

#2: Animated Interactivity or Background Video

Video backgrounds or animations could give an extra dimension to the web page and increase its credibility and visibility. But this technique must be moderately used. Though such design trends are quite borderline overused, it could be used for that added elegance.

CSS or animation transitions could make your website more interesting and memorable but using it overly could be a potential risk to your site.

#3: Responsive Design

Designing a responsive website is a certain standard in designs of the web today for all good reasons. Developing the sites for mobile responsiveness is becoming extremely important nowadays as users are highly viewing the web content on many more platforms than just on the PCs or laptops.

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#4: Streamlined Navigation

Generally, the users are more likely to be converted if they can easily find what they are looking for. Clarity and simplicity are two keys to the success of your website.

These days navigation is frequently streamlined along with just priority options displayed on the main menu, getting rid of other redundant things which would waste valuable space, like "Home". The access to secondary navigation is available through an extra tier when required.

With a lot of modern successful websites, navigation is tending to concentrate on enhanced legibility, accessibility and simplicity in usage rather than designer flashy quirks.

#5: Big Cinematic Images

Rather than making use of a lot of small images on your page, a solo bigger image could drive a lot of cinematic experience for sites.

Decreasing the number of pictures on the web page would also assist website speed, simultaneously focusing on getting your message out very clearly.

#6: Attractive Minimalism

With a lot of users wishing to find things they need quickly, design is moving on from a complicated website to a highly minimalistic approach wherein the websites are stripped down to simplicity.

Extending this idea could be observed in website typography wherein designers will be limiting the count of typefaces employed.

#7: Elegant and At Times Beautifully Understated

Plenty of websites are now able to totally utilize the increasing sensitivity in high-quality screens by moving the design onto elegantly understates canvases.

This trend is more than being just minimalistic. This trend concentrates on subtlety which might not be minimal necessarily.

#8: Mosaic, Mondrian, Masonry, Modular Style Layouts

Modern style sheets, as well as grid systems, have made way to a fresh method of thinking pertaining to the web design canvases.

Frameworks such as masonry will let grid cells and content panels to be intertwined into elegant Mosaic systems. These systems and layouts will make way for fresh possibilities in organizing the information.

#9: Dynamic Personalization

As data driven or successful inbound marketing segments gather audiences and offer contents that are specific to the needs and life cycles of the user; fresh websites back those marketing trends with great layouts, CTAs or even messaging which identify the browsing patterns or past users, so that more relevant information could be shared.

For example, you may bring all of the potential users on one landing web page; whole partners of the potential franchise would go to someone else. In this regard, you are instilling a personalized and tailored experience on the website.

Such configurations in personalization could be good with organizing plenty of data into an useful system which helps its users reach the goals.

#10: Magician Content

Using JavaScript or CSS, designers of the website could show or hide information depending on the needs of the user and also on their interactions.

This is basically called the 'magician content'. To be really simple, you can now elegantly display the content whenever it is needed, and for the appropriate users, depending on their needs.

Bonus: Optimized Design for Speed

Delays are going to disappoint the visitors. With just five seconds for engaging the visitor of your site , even a single second could result in loss of conversions, decreased customer contention and also lesser views of the page.

To be factual, one among four people would leave a website if the loading time would be more than 4 seconds. This is a study from 2014, so you can imagine how the numbers would have been hiked.

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Web designing is consistently evolving. But you need to keep it in your mind that latest web designing trends should also turn out to be functional for your business and your users. Just embracing the latest web design would not help but developing a connection with your audience surely will.

Still confused? Consult specialists for designing your business website today! They are the best in their field and thus would be able to craft a perfect corporate business website.

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